Chris Drobes

Known Jeff : 16 years
Location : USA
Position : National Marketing Director


Jeff and I met at a high level immersion Personal Growth and Development program in 2001. Prior to that through a Wealth Mastery course study we both participated in, I learned how successful Jeff was.

The excitement and enthusiasm Jeff exhibited after being in the same business for so many years was intriguing. The product was without question something every man, woman and child could and would benefit from, so after a few exposures I did listen to what he had to say and accepted his invitation to “take a look” at what he did and see why he loved it so much. The money was over the moon, and certainly attractive, but the passion was of equal curiosity.

October 15th, 2017 will mark 16 years in this business and it has completely transformed my life! The quality of life and lifestyle we live as a family is one that prior to this I thought only existed between the front cover and back cover of a Fairytale book in a land far far away.

Thanks to meeting Jeff Roberti, now I own my life, and every single day get to help others do the same. When people ask what I do, the response is.” I help people support their health and well-being, dramatically slow the ageing process and secure their financial future.”

What excites me about the future is that my business and the mission has grown every single year, and I quickly understood why Jeff loves this business so much – it just keeps getting better and better. We have so many people to help, truly, the best is yet to come!

With deep respect and gratitude,

Chris Drobes, NMD “100 Club” Member