Lance & Joni Dowd

Known Jeff 30+ years
Location USA
Position National Marketing Director


We did have the privilege to work closely with and learn from Jeff for almost 30 years. One of his strongest attributes is his servant’s heart. He is tireless in his work ethic and belief in others. An equally important attribute Jeff employs is to make himself available through his innate generosity; reaching out to help, and lift, teach and support others. He is fiercely loyal to Jay Martin, the company its products and the world of friends he has amassed. It was exciting to see how he looks for ways to help when he sees the potential of each individual and then invests personally in their success. His outlook is positive and his smile and laugh and warmth are part of who he is and what draws people to him.

Jeff is well-respected and recognized worldwide for his accomplishments and achievements. He is likewise regarded as an icon throughout the business world. Even with the fame and fortune he has achieved he remains amazingly humble.

We had the good fortune to become well acquainted with Jeff at a certain juncture, as he provided a way for us to work closely with him as the company expanded into Asia and began business in Japan. We came to know first-hand what a dynamic individual he is and his willingness and belief and determination. We also saw his confidence and belief in our abilities, making time to travel and participate to assist the growth. Our association has meant a wonderful, (better than we ever could have imagined) lifestyle for us, our 10 Children, 34 grandchildren and 5 great grandchildren for all these years.

What has impressed us the most is his generosity in his humanitarian efforts as he continues to support and help those in need; those less fortunate. We are ever grateful for our association with Jeff and (following his example) we have been able to realize our goal (and dream for years) which was to serve God and our fellowman. Because of the decision to join Jeff in his mission, we are now (at age 74 years old) able to volunteer, pay our way and serve a full-time 18 Month Humanitarian Mission here in the impoverished nation of Cambodia where we have seen, done and learned things we never could have imagined and could not have been possible without our years with Jeff.

So we see and know that Jeff Roberti is more than a business icon, more than a business partner….for Lance & Joni Dowd, Jeff Roberti is a caring and trusted friend.

Best Personal Regards,
Lance & Joni