Mark Hair & Yvonne Cunningham

Known Jeff 27 years
Location Canada
Position National Marketing Director


I was introduced to Jeff at my first conference 27 years ago in the UK. Having a military background and no real business or sales success, his message of “anyone can do this” along with “freedom of time and money” had me hooked. At my next conference he signed the cover of a magazine in which he was featured, Mark you can do it too, JR I have it to this day. Over the years I had joined my wife Yvonne, and operating from Canada, continued to attend every conference and to learn from Jeff and his other success stories. A steady growth which although not at a stunning pace has been consistent and afforded us a life in line with the vision from the beginning. We cannot even begin to imagine a life today had we not followed Jeffs lead and continued the friendship he has offered. As we have grown we have often, “paid it forward” in the manner Jeff has to us. What is exciting is that the adventure continues with many plans and inspiration into the future.