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    Your Thanksgiving “Why”

    I don’t know about you friends, but for me Thanksgiving week always seems to be full of introspection and gratitude surrounding all there is to be thankful for. Life is good and I am grateful.  I encourage you all to take some quiet time before the busyness begins and really appreciate all you have and the “why” within you that has brought you this far. We all have it … that reason for wanting something better for ourselves (or our family), that “thing” that drives us to get back up after being knocked down, that determination that forces us to shake off the disappointments and the rejection, and propels us with solid resolve to reach our goals.

    It is that “why” that will shape the rest of your life.

    If you are a part of the NWM industry you have probably heard it said that you must have a strong “why” to be successful.  So true. Those who don’t hone into the power of it most often quit. When I started my business career 35 years ago, my “why” was pretty simple.  I was broke and wanted to prove to myself and others around me that I could be somebody… that I could make a lot of money and have an incredible life. This “why” created a burning desire to achieve in business, and each setback only stoked the fire.  But today the passion that drives me is no longer fueled by desperation, instead it is driven by inspiration. We are a part of a movement and a mission. We are a part of something much bigger than ourselves.

    Why is it important to dig deep for that “why”?  Being very clear on this will be the difference between floating along through life with some “if only” hopes and dreams, OR being laser focused on some fiery goals which no setback can extinguish. What do you want for your one and only life? What will your legacy become?

    I will never forget where I came from. A broke high school graduate with no real direction in life. I had nothing really going for me except a belief in myself, a willingness to learn, and a burning desire to succeed. Now with financial freedom, a well-worn passport, and a lifestyle I could have never imagined,  I have learned things… money will never bring happiness, living a life characterized by paying it forward is everything, relationships full of love make every day meaningful, and YOU CAN have the life of your dreams. But first you must be crystal clear on your WHY. Cement it in your brain, see it, feel it deeply, and wake up every day with the plan in place to make your dreams a reality.

    Thank you all for being such an important part of my life.  As I am reflecting on all I have to be thankful for this year, you are all on that list. It is wonderful friends like you who make the journey worth traveling. Wishing you all a beautiful Thanksgiving full of much love and laughter.


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